Why Choose a Raw Diet for your Four-Legged Friends?

Did you know that 'pet food' was only commercialised around 100 years ago? Up until this point they survived by catching and killing prey or scavenging & their whole diet consisted of meat, bone, skin, offal & grasses.
In more recent times, as our companions, our pets have predominantly lived on table scraps & ate what we ate. Once man created ‘pet food', clever marketing has led many people to believe that kibble is the main source of a dogs diet, replacing essential protein, fats and essential nutrients with grains, starch, chemicals, fillers and preservatives.
We believe that dogs and cats should be given every opportunity to live a long and healthy life, so backed with a passion for animals, we've developed a complete & balanced RAW diet that’s made fresh one day and delivered to you the next! Totally customisable to suit both dogs and cats, sizes, breeds and ages, every pet can now enjoy this revolutionary change in the pet food game!

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Why choose our Raw & Fresh?

No Preservatives, Additives or Chemicals.
Completely Australian owned and operated with all locally sourced products.
Customisable meal plans that are affordable & convenient

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Why not try a Trial Pack? Great as an introduction to raw food and it's already portioned out for your dog or cats weight. Too easy!
If you have any questions, our friendly staff are more than willing to assist you. Please give us a call or send us an email, or alternatively use our live chat and we can help you get the right food for your pooch or pussycat!